Dental Phobia

A Dental phobia is intense, unreasonable fear. This dental fear or anxiety is very common, and most people experience some degree of dental anxiety especially if they’re about to have something done which they’ve never experienced before.

Fear of dental proceduresFear of “the Dentist” is especially more, if you’ve had bad experiences with dentists in the past, it is very easy to make the assumption that dentists/dental surgeons, in general, are painful people. Basically, it’s a fear of the known and unknown.

People who are unusually tense tend to have a lower pain threshold. This means they may feel pain at lower levels than other people. They may need extra care and other pain treatments.

Almost all the people have some anxiety about dental treatment which makes a small problem look big. We have a tendency to ascribe certain attributes to a group of people who have something in common based on our experiences.

This prevents otherwise intelligent and rational people from optimizing and maintaining the dental health.

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